Saturday, 21 January 2017

Newbold Verdon Primary School Miss Fowler's Class 1963

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Miss Fowler's Class 1963

Back Row: ?, Lance Leader, ?, Colin Hunt, Kevin Smith, ? Isaacs, ?, ?, ?, ? Noon

Middle Row: ?, ?, ?, Yvette Mills, Lorraine ?, Bernice Hunt, ?, Sheila ?, ?, Miss Fowler
Front Row: ?, Joy Kent, ?, June Prime, Lesley Corbett, Sheena ?, Kathleen Bolton, Jane Findley, ?, ?

Many thanks to Lesley Nicholls (nee Corbett) for providing this photograph and also naming everyone she can recall.

Newbold Verdon Primary School Football Team 1993

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Football Team 1993

Back Row: Jason Osborne, Paul Bateman, Dominic Oates, Adam Wykes, Mark Hand, John Bott, Daniel Fowkes

Front Row: Graeme Morgan, Russel Patterson, Steven Mitchell, Alan Hodgkinson, Shaun Hextall, Alan Morgan

Many thanks to Gemma Kendrick for providing this photograph and naming everyone too.

Newbold Verdon Primary School Mr.Staunton's Class 1991

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Mr.Staunton's Class 1991

Many thanks to Mike Staunton for providing this photograph.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Newbold Verdon Primary School Mr.Staunton's Class 1985

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Mr.Staunton's Class 1985
Back Row: Sean Fowkes,  Andy Faulknall, Hayley Law, Rachel Ogden, Sarah Pither, Jonathan Dobson. Adam Welsh, Alistair Collet, Neil Netted

Middle Row: Nick Frankly, Richard Davis, Ben Field, Richard Watson, Ian Gardner, Daniel Tyers, Andrew Clark, Karl Hunter, Darren Breeze

Front Row: Mr.Staunton, Keeley Tassi, Hayley Taylor, Victoria Clarke, Susan Gibson, Vicky Bland, Sally Redshaw, Alison Moore, Delene Draper

Many thanks to Mike Staunton for providing this photograph and to Ali Moore for naming who she could remember.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Newbold Verdon Primary School Mr.Staunton and the cavers at Fairbourne Adventure, Wales 1993

Left To Right: Sarah Davidson, Zoe Rayner, The Guide, Mr.Staunton (behind the guide), Simon Long, Matthew Cockram, Daniel Hill, Matthew Alcock (in front), Jonathan Leach, Adam Humphreys

Many thanks to Mike Staunton for this photograph

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Newbold Verdon Primary School Mr.Staunton's Class 1993

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Mr.Staunton's Class 1993

Back Row: Matt King, Terry Ringe, Matt Cockram, Stephanie Smith, ? (Heather Iliffe), laura Machell, Tin Snow, Mr.Staunton

Upper Middle Row: Chris Bennett, ?, Debbie Bailey, Laura Spradbury, Kate Adams, Ruth Wilkinson, Charlie Woodward, Libby Hatton

Lower Middle Row: Kelly Leach, Christopher Davison, Craig Coleman, Stuart Rogers, Michael Mann, James Tudge, Adam Wykes, Stewart Brookes

Bottom Row: Daniel Ingram, Graeme Morgan, Leanne Orgill, Philip West, Lynda Rastel, Emma Robinson, Amy Robinson, Jason Osborne, Laura Orgill, Emma Harvey

Many thanks to Mike Staunton for this photograph

Monday, 29 February 2016

The Newbold Verdon Football ‘A’ Team 1991 Winners Of The Rice Bowl Trophy

The  Newbold Verdon Football ‘A’ Team 1991 Winners Of The Rice Bowl Trophy

The Team: Alex Kendrick, Jonathan Satchwell, Luke Draper , Adam Gibbons, Jamie Cockram, Carl Barney, Liam King, Ian Crowson, Darren Simms, Richard Hayes, Neil Bateman , Scott Harris, Gareth Heggs, And Ross Ward

                                                                      Part 1

                                                                      Part 2

The school football team of the academic year 1990/1991 went through to the Rice Bowl County final. Their opponents were Countesthorpe Linden Primary School and the match was played in Countesthorpe.
The final score was 6-2 to Newbold Verdon with Alex Kendrick scoring two, Ian Crowson scoring two, Scott Harris scoring one and Jamie Cockram scoring one.

Also worth noting is that one of the goals scored by Countesthorpe Linden Primary was by Sergio Pizzorno. Sergio is now better known as the guitarist for rock band Kasabian.


The Rice Bowl, or to give it its full title “The Montague John Rice Trophy” was manufactured in Sheffield in 1919 and donated to Leicestershire Schools F.A. in March 1934.  The presentation to the Association was made by the Rice family, owners of a local boot and shoe factory in Syston.  Mr. M. J. Rice was a Director of Leicester Fosse and Leicester City FC.  The trophy has been the pride of Leicestershire Schools F.A. ever since the first final in the 1934-35 season.

The first recorded final was in the spring of 1935 when the trophy was won by Clarendon Park School  -  now better known as St. John’s Primary School.  In the first ten years the trophy only left the city once (despite the competition being open to primary schools in the city and county), when, in 1938 it was won by Kegworth Council School.  Newry Junior School achieved the first-ever hat trick of victories in 1951/52/53  -  Leicester City legend Graham Cross was in the latter team.  The limelight then switched to the county with Newbold Verdon  Primary School (coached by Benny Clinton) winning the trophy five years out of six in 1956/57/58/60/61  -  they were beaten finalists in 1959!  City schools dominated the sixties and seventies with wins by Overdale, Whitehall, Braunstone Frith, New Parks House and Scraptoft Valley Schools.  The fiftieth anniversary of the Rice Bowl saw the final hosted by Leicester City FC, with Braunstone Frith beating Ravenhurst by two goals to one.
For the last thirteen years the competition has been sponsored by “Dominoes Toys” of High Street, Leicester.  This has enabled the final to be held at Filbert Street and, latterly, The Walkers Stadium.
Newbold Verdon Primary School (coached by Mike Staunton) won the trophy again in 1991 to become the school who have won the tournament more times than any other school.

Winners Of The Rice Bowl 1956 - 1991

1956                          Newbold Verdon
1957                          Newbold Verdon
1958                          Newbold Verdon
1959                          New Parks House
1960                          Newbold Verdon
1961                          Newbold Verdon
1962                          New Parks House
1963                          Whitehall
1964                          Holmfield
1965                          Whitehall
1966                          New Parks House
1967                          Willowbrook
1968                          New Parks House
1969                          New Parks House + Willowbrook  (shared)
1970                          Humberstone
1971                          Scraptoft Valley
1972                          Braunstone Frith
1973                          Braunstone Frith + Waterleys  (shared)
1974                          Grove
1975                          Willowbrook
1976                          Whitehall
1977                          Humberstone  + Riverside  (shared)
1978                          Stokes
1979                          Alderam Richard Hallam
1980                          Whitehall + Stokes
1981                          Stokes
1982                          Ald. Richard Hallam + New Parks House (shared)
1983                          Sherrier
1984                          All Saints
1985                          Overdale + Fairfield  (shared)
1986                          Whitehall
1987                          Kirby Muxloe
1988                          Abington
1989                          Danemill
1990                          Braunstone Frith
1991                          Newbold Verdon

Many thanks to Mike Staunton for providing this film and a detailed history of the cup.